Drain BuddyTM
Gully Opener
Registered Design 4021634

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Drain BuddyTM Gully Opener is easy to use, highly effective and greatly reduces exposure to common lifting injuries. See the product in action in the short video below.

The Drain BuddyTM Gully Opener was created for opening slatted drain covers.
Its provides two primary functions:

  • a high ‘unseating’ or ‘breakout’ force
  • a low-effort hinging action

Drain BuddyTM Gully Opener is ideally suited to unseating and opening hinged drain covers.
Its ‘unseating’ or ‘breakout’ facility can also be used on non-hinged covers.
With some non-hinged covers, there may not be sufficient clearance to rotate the cover upwards, so after unseating, it may have to be lifted vertically out of the frame.

Drain Buddy Gully Opener

Drain Buddy Drain Opener

Drain Buddy Lid Lifter

Slot T-key between slats and tighten

Place foot on marked area

Apply pressure to unseat cover

Drain Buddy Grid Lifter

Drain Buddy Gully Lifter

Drain Buddy Gully Opener Video

Extend handle fully

Rotate cover to the open position

50 second video

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Open drain covers suitable for lifting with the Drain BuddyTMGully Opener may also be referred to as Gully Covers, Gully Lids, Gully Grids, Gully Gratings, Drain Gratings, Storm Drain Covers, Storm Drain Grids, Storm Drain Gullies. The overall activity is usually described as Gully Cleaning or Gully Emptying. Truck-mounted products for opening the covers are referred to as Grid Lifters or Gully Lifters.

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